What Did $7 Billion of Political Spending Buy?

2012 Election        President                            Senate                  House of Representatives

Before                   Obama (365-173)               Dem 53*-47          Rep 240-190 (5 vacant)

After                      Obama (332*-206)             Dem 55*-45          Rep 235*-200*


* Notes:

Electoral College votes assume the 29 for Florida falls to Democrats

Senate Democrat numbers include Independents that caucus with that party

House of Representatives numbers include the following undecided races and their allocations, which could be subject to change:

AZ-1 Dem

AZ-2 Rep

AZ-9 Dem

CA-7 Dem

CA-36 Dem

CA-52 Dem

FL-18 Dem

NC-7 Dem

UT-4 Dem

Sources:  Real Clear Politics and Wall Street Journal


Source:  Money, votes and imponderables 


Source:  2012 election priciest to date: $4.2 billion tab and rising

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