Readings for November 9, 2012

Euro Crisis:

Draghi Relegating Rates Makes OMT Policy Weapon of Choice


An Honest Guy on Wall Street

3 annuity mistakes to avoid

Personal Finance:

Retirement income for life: 4-box strategy – Aligning your expenses and your lifestyle expectations

Retirement income: What’s wrong with the 4% rule

Optimal Withdrawal Strategy for Retirement Income Portfolios


Billions on Flood Barriers Now Might Save New York City

Heavy Lending Creates a Surge in Chinese Economy

Financial System:

Fed delays Basel III bank capital buffer rules

Investors seek quicker SEC disclosure on IPOs


Election shows data illiteracy is a problem for journalists

Yale Economist Defends Model That Predicted Romney Win

Didn’t Vote? Don’t Worry About It.

Science / History:

Science The Endless Frontier (from 1945)

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