Readings for November 26, 2012

Euro Crisis:

Euro-Zone Ministers Put Greek Plan to IMF

Euro Ministers Take Third Swing at Clearing Greek Payment

Are European Bond Yields Sustainable?


The Fiscal Cliff: As a CPA, People Expect You to Know this Crap

Mark Carney Named New BOE Governor

Are Harvard Business School Students Taught Anything of Real World Value?

The brain-dead GOP meet’s Obama’s 39.6%, and raises him 1.4%

Financial System:

Fed’s Dudley Signals a Shift Toward Bank Reform

There is only one real answer – split the banks

Regulate U.S. Markets Like the Nuclear Industry

Mary Miller vs. Neil Barofsky For The S.E.C


One Thing a Muni Bond Whiz Won’t Predict: Politics

Guest post: why EM bonds are strong, cheap – and safe


How Partisans Fool Themselves Into Believing Their Own Spin

5 Statistics Problems That Will Change The Way You See The World


Man Who Whistled Up a Corporate Storm


5 job interview mistakes to avoid

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