Readings for March 11, 2013


Preparing for Day When Rates Rise

California Rides Fiscal Tailwinds With Debt Rally: Muni Credit

Guru to the Stars (Howard Marks)

Emerging Markets: Should You Bond With Azerbaijan?

Monetary Policy:

Bernanke Provokes Mystery Over Fed Stimulus Exit

Financial System:

Comments on Monetary Policy and ‘Too Big to Fail’ (With a Tribute to Irving Kristol)

Fisher and Rosenblum: How to Shrink the ‘Too-Big-to-Fail’ Banks

Too-Big-to-Fail Subsidy Claim Data Flaws Faulted by Bank Groups

Lawmakers rip into regulators over money-laundering prosecution

Whistleblower:  Wells Fargo Fabricated and Altered Mortgage Documents on a Mass Basis

Euro Crisis:

Euro Zone Shows Signs of Pickup

Spain’s Bailout Fund Said to Seek Help on Bank Strategy

Social Matters:

Bjorn Lomborg: Green Cars Have a Dirty Little Secret


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